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Real Economic Stimulus Act

We, Citizens of the United States of America, Workers, and Taxpayers , Petition The Senate Banking Committee, House Financial Services Committee, and House Ways and Means Committee to begin initiating legislation that will create an American Economy whose objective would be to create Goods and Services rather than the present system whose primary objective is the creation of paper and electronic dollars. Two primary tools that can be used to achieve this objective is a capital gains tax system that rewards investors for creating jobs, goods, and services.  At present, capital markets are devalued when employment is high.  The second, and most important tool is a real stimulus of $500,000 (Five Hundred Thousand Dollars)USD to every taxpayer that received a $300-$1200 USD tax stimulus rebate in 2008.  TARP did not work as intended, and the Lollypop $300 dollar stimulus was insulting and not sufficient for REAL economic stimulus. If implemented with simultaneous price controls, inflation will not be a factor.  We are counting on you to get this done; NOW!

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